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A Message from Nick Merchant


SP 17.9 contains primarily incremental user interface changes and enhancements. It was previously published on 3/3/2020, however errors occured during the build that caused ASE to fail at initial startup, appearing as a licensing error. This re-release resolved this problem. Additional updates will be published next week.

License Access Restored!

Late this morning, the web host restored the connection to ASE's license manager. This has happened only 3 times since the development and implimentation of the web-based license management system "Sentinel2". It began service in October 2015. Uptime is still above 98%, historically. Nonetheless, ASE/EDI sincerely apologizes for this interruption of service. Your patience was greatly appreciated. -The ASE Team

"License Access Denied" Message

On Sunday, access to the web server's license manager has been interrupted. This is also making access to licenses impossible. We're currently working to resolve the outage as quickly as possible. Please check the website again for updates. We sincerely apologize for this temporary inconvience. -Nick Merchant

Compatibility Surprise

Why wait for ASE 2020? ASE Civil 2017 is fully-compatible with Civil CD 2020. A recent discussion with a client raised the question. After checking it out, I realized that I included scalable algorithms in ASE 17 that enable access to 2020 Civil objects! YAY!!!

ASE Civil 2020!

Civil 3D 2020 is now installed on all our systems. ASE's new title will now reflect the increased range of compatibility.

ASE Civil 2019

Coming this Fall. Check back later for sneak-peaks...

Support for mobile devices begins today...

A new place to find answers to questions or see what other ASE users are doing. Check it out...

Gallery: IMPRESSIVE paving & grading plans for a 320+ unit Texas subdivision created by a SINGLE designer using C3D+ASE in under 1 week!

Understand why Sheet Views malfunction & learn how to fix them quickly when something goes wrong.

If ASE paving features are defined, but align names have changed, DO NOT undefine & redefine all the features again! ASE's 'RPDB' command is your salvation.

ASE Civil's Flow Labels cannot be created passively at this time. Read this content to learn how to avoid problems with both saving and corrupt Flow Labels.

Website Improvements

Numerous, revisions, removals, edits, lots of new content (& less animation)

Trial License Reset

System Suspended... Active 'Trial' Licenses CANCELLED

Please reload

Update : June 2020

Breaking the Silence

We're closing in on the END of a long gap between updates of ASE Civil. It's been almost 2 years since the current version was released. Nonetheless, I'm happy to see that client activity has remained relatively constant, even through the pandemic. 

Thank you, all for your persistent support of ASE Civil…

ASE Civil 2017 : Service Packs Status 

One "planned update" still remains for ASE Civil 2017 (our current version).  Service Pack 10 was scheduled for release in April. Unfortunately, technical problems delayed the service pack delivery.


Needless to say, the current health situation hasn't helped delivery of our software on-time either. Nonetheless, the issues encountered that delayed SP10 are actively being resolved.


SP17.10 Availability

The drop-dead delivery date for the downloadable installer is July 17. However, this service pack may become available sooner.


ASE Civil 2020

Start by selecting the "Frame" command in the Profile Generator "Preferences" panel of the ASE ribbon.


We've dropped the ball on some previous release dates. I apologize for letting down those whom were anxiously-awaiting delivery of fresh tools and fixed bugs. Though I hesitate to ask, especially after this long-stretch between versions, I would sincerely appreciate your continued patience for a few more weeks, while we get things together.

Release Date

ASE Civil 2020 : August 28, 2020
This is our "drop-dead" date to have the next version available for subscribed clients to download.


Rest assured that my personal commitment to publishing ASE Civil 2020 no later than the stated release-date will ensure our next evolution of ASE Civil is ready to download and install ASAP.


Notice the difference (images below) between the profile components' spacing when the values mentioned above are set to 15 versus a setting of 5: 


You can also effect a change between the profile components by adjusting the datum elevation in the same dialog and then subsequently locking it down.  

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