Information we may receive from and/or collect from you


We may collect information about you for a number of purposes. We’ve broken these down into sections for easier reference. For some sections we provide links to additional information that may help answer questions:

  • User IDs, registration, purchases, and contact with us

  • Data supplementation

  • Making purchases

  • Contacting us

  • ASE Civil or any of its desktop companion products usage or activation, connectivity or updates

  • Websites and applications for license management

  • In-application data collection programs

  • Your use of browsers on our websites

User IDs, registration, purchases, and contact with us

We collect information that identifies you when you (or someone acting on your behalf or using your login credentials)

  • Create a user ID to access our websites or applications (including through social media credentials)

  • Create a user profile (ASE Community, Forums, File Center & related)

  • Make a purchase

  • Contact us for services, support, information or other reasons.

  • Some information is required, other information is optional.

For our customers who make purchases through our channel partners or ecommerce providers, we will receive personal information about you from these companies so that we can have an accurate record of applications to which you have access.


Please note that if you contact us to assist you, for your safety and ours we may need to authenticate your identity before fulfilling your request.