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ASE Dashboard



ASE’s “Dashboard” is a reporting tool developed to assist managers. ASE Dashboard provides usage statistics of ASE Civil within the scope of the organization and without regard to location.


All data used for this application reflects real-time program usage retrieved directly from the licensing management system that controls client authentication.[4]


The interface allows project managers and team leaders to view, monitor & evaluate:

  • ASE Civil's overall utilization within the organization

  • Date pickers for sampling any user-defined range

  • ASE Community comparison (by percent-usage versus other Clients)

  • Performance-levels of individual logins. (Future)

  • Average daily usage metrics

  • A list of active users (by login name) during the specified date range

  • Filtering options to exclude holidays and/or weekends

  • Status window to indicate the current task or results

  • Direct access to organization usage statistics stored on ASE's web servers



Publish Date



You may download the installer directly from this page or you can browse to the Software Center if you need access to other downloads as well.

Download Notes

  1. the documentation link in the Software Center will redirect you to this page until more functionality is added to the application. Then a separate page for documentation may be needed.

  1. Locate the downloaded file “AseDashboard_Install.exe”

  2. Right-click, select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu[1]

  3. Specify a target folder to Unzip the program files to[2][3]

  4. Click “UnZip” to install the files


A new subfolder named "\Dashboard" will be created within your selected install folder. 

Installation Notes

  1. This is only required when installing to “C:\” or “C:\Program Files”. These paths are usually write-protected by the operating system and reserved for administrator writing.

  2. There are no restrictions on installation location. You may choose any available location on your local computer or network.

  3. The WinZip Extractor will automatically create the target folder if it does not already exist.

  4. The application will not crash. Data retrieval can take a few minutes depending on the length of the specified time-span. Keep in mind the application has to filter out your company’s data from all ASE client activity and return the results to you. The time required to do this can vary with Internet traffic levels and your company’s connection speed.

  5. Your serial number will be saved for subsequent use.

  6. Includes ASE users outside your organization. This capability will remain available but will not be published in the final version.

Using Dashboard

Start Dashboard

  1. Locate the install folder named "...\Dashboard"

  2. Open the "...\Dashboard" folder

  3. Locate the executable "Dashboard.exe" [*]

  4. Double-click "Dashboard.exe" to start the application.

Startup Notes

* Obviously, creating a shortcut to this executable and storing it in the start menu or the desktop will work best if you plan to use Dashboard on a regular basis.

Identify Your Organization

On startup Dashboard prompts for your Client serial number.

Enter the serial number and the startup dialog

Dashboard Startup.png

Enter Query Parameters

After the Client serial number has been validated, the main window will appear.

  1. Enter the date range for your query.

  2. After entering valid dates, click "Apply Date Range".

Wait a few minutes (1-5, depending on server traffic) for the results.

Dashboard Query Complete Censored_edited.jpg

The "Information" section at the bottom of the dialog indicates the state of your request.

Dashboard Retrieval.png

The "Information" section will update after the request is complete.

Dashboard Query Complete Censored_edited.jpg

View Query Results

When the query is complete, the results will be displayed in the text boxes of the dialog as shown below:

Dashboard Query Complete Censored.png
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