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SP 17.6.247    Repairs

About Repairs

Broken functionality in these systems can be caused by a variety of reasons. Repairs are normally handled using one or more of these protocols:


Problem cannot be fixed now, but will not adversely affect normal function. Access to the faulty command or functionality continues to be available to clients. Notification & details regarding the problem will immediately become available to all clients


Client access to the faulty element or subsystem is blocked until a repair can be developed, tested and published.


The problem cannot be fixed now, but new code was integrated  (via Service Pack) to compensate for the problem.


The issue was completely resolved and if possible, the element was also refactored (reinforced) to reduce the potential for future problems

Included in this Service Pack


Paving Features

L-2 Vertical Curve Definitions


L2 Vertical Curve Paving Feature definitions could not be undefined using the menu commands


When attempting to remove an L2 VC definition, an error would be displayed at the AutoCAD command line. Additionally, the Feature definition would remain in the Paving data for the affected alignment.



  1. Display all Features on the alignment containing an L2 VC to be removed.

  2. Note all Features defined on the Marker of interest.

  3. Remove the Design Marker used to define the L2 VC.

  4. Set a new Marker in the same location and elevation (if applicable).

  5. Redefine the Paving Features that were previously assigned to the removed Marker.

  6. Share the Paving data for the alignment.



After installing this service pack, these Features may now be removed in the normal way through the ribbon or pop menu command.



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