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ASE Civil is a commercial application of engineering design tools within a highly-competitive industry. The system provides tremendous added value to consultants' business processes. ASE's inherent market value demands strict control of license distribution. No installation of ASE Civil can function without a valid license.

Communication Protocol

Licenses are web-based, but can still run despite Internet connectivity interruptions.

Install Restrictions

Licenses may be used by any computer running ASE.

The number of times a license can be installed on one or more computers is unlimited.



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A license is only available to others after 20 minutes of non-use by the current owner.

Timeout periods cannot be prematurely terminated.

Concurrent Use

Simultaneous use of ASE installs is limited to the total number of licenses purchased.

End-User Acquisition

Licenses are not included in the downloaded application; They must be requested. (See "License Acquisition" page for details)



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To purchase a license for commercial use, go the "ASE Store" and purchase a license.

Wait for an email containing a link to download/install your license.

In most cases, a new enterprise license will  have already been provided, with only payment remaining.

Trial License [1]

A 'Trial' license is identical to an enterprise license except it includes a preset life-span.

To get a trial license, download one using this link.

License Delivery [Enterprise]

Enterprise licenses are custom-built for each Client.

After ordering or purchasing one or more licenses from the "ASE Store", wait for an email containing instructions on how to download & install your license.


[1] - Trial license usage is monitored. Without communication with ASE, LLC a trial license could be terminated at any time without notice. Use at your own risk.


General procedure for ASE Civil license installation.


Follow the link provided in the email to download your license. (See "License Acquisition" for details)

Install Service Pack

The latest-available service pack should always be downloaded and installed before installing an ASE Civil license. If the service pack is not current, the license may not authorize when ASE is started.

Run Installer

Installation is identical for both 'Enterprise' and 'Trial' licenses:

  • Locate the ".exe" file downloaded via email link.

  • Right-click and select 'Run as Administrator' from the context menu.

  • Verify trust in the installer as-needed per your system requirements.

Extract & Copy Files
  • Click "Unzip" in the "WinZip Self-Extractor".

  • Click "OK" in the message box.

  • Close the "WinZip Self-Extractor".

Finish Installation

Close all installation-related dialogs. ASE Civil will now function with the installed license.


If your license is invalid, you'll be alerted when ASE's begins loading during drawing startup.