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Application Overview


ASE Civil was developed specifically for subdivision projects requiring highly-complex plan-sets; especially relative to the paving and grading elements.

Dynamic Project Life-Cycle

ASE Civil gives engineers dynamic tools for creating & managing subdivision vertical design utilizing the power of Civil 3D's infrastructure. Changes to ASE's design data are immediately translated into submittal-ready output via reactive, fully-integrated production tools.


Get an 'Edge' on Your Competition

Land development is highly-competitive. Most consultants use similar technology, so it's tough to gain any real advantage. ASE Civil is a long-standing, proven solution that gives consultants much more output using very few staff in far less time. This equates to increased cost-effectiveness that also eliminates 'busted' deadlines.


Smart Integration = Maximum Value

Agile work-flow can have a huge impact on project budgets, bidding, profitability and feasibility.

When used with Civil 3D in an intelligent work-flow, overall productivity increases dramatically.


ASE Civil creates true added value by eliminating tasks that inflate development costs and consume project resources unnecessarily.

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Product Information Guide

View or download our .PDF document that describes more of the features and benefits of ASE Civil in greater detail

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