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The total paving design limits for each alignment are normally constrained within the limits of preset match-lines.



Paving Design Support

Offset paving components, grouped by their related 'Paving Features' should start and end coincident to these match-lines, which are located at the beginning and end of each alignment's linear design span.


Pre-Design Recommendation

Match-lines are not required to use ASE Civil. They simply serve as a visual reference during the vertical design phase. However, Match-lines can also be referenced on the improvement plans sheets as well, so their creation is due diligence in the design setup phase.


Some engineers and designers choose to skip match-line placement before starting their design. For highly-experienced users of ASE Civil, this may be OK. However, the developers have stated that it's always best to create match-lines before starting the paving design process, to avoid confusion and/or overlapping design data.


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