Sheet Views


The Profile Display system creates the profile view region of an improvement sheet and provides tools for easy manipulation of the appearance. The process involves attaching the ASE-generated profile drawing as an XREF, creating an array of viewports in a layout tab, adjusting the station range of the profile, and fine-tuning the visibility and position of each profile component (L2, L1, CL, R1 & R2). The entire process is managed via ASE Civil's menus and toolbars.


'Local 1'


ASE Civil currently provides 6 predefined sheet views in the following formats, supporting 20 & 40 scale drawing sizes:

Local Roads

1 alignment (per sheet​)

2 alignments (per sheet​)

3 alignments (per sheet​)

1 vertically-split alignment (per sheet​)

Divided Roads (w/Medians or islands)​

1 alignment (per sheet​)

1 vertically-split alignment (per sheet​)



  • Must be used in a Paper Space Layout tab

  • No more than 1 Layout tab may exist in the drawing

  • Plot style must use 1:1 Paper Space sheet scale

  • Supports 20-scale & 40-scale (Model Space) only

  • Title block (sheet border) must reside in Paper Space

  • Extraneous drawing artifacts may not exist outside sheet limits

  • Additional Viewports may not be added after a sheet view is created unless the drawing is saved, closed and re-opened thereafter



  • An improvement sheet must already exist for sheet view creation

  • ASE project data folder must exist

  • Title block or an equivalent rectangular object must exist in the Paper Space layout



  1. Open an improvement sheet

  2. Set ASE project data folder

  3. Select the desired display configuration

  4. Attach a profile via ASE's menu options

  5. Click "Create Display" command

  6. Adjust the display limits to fit your sheet or move the display

  7. Adjust the lateral position (station) via ASE menu

  8. Adjust individual component positions for legibility

  9. Adjust the grid position or graduation as needed

  10. Save the display customizations (for subsequent use)

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