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Project Setup

Locate Project Files
Create ASE Project data folder
Create Civil 3D Project

Locate Project Files

Prepare for your project development work by locating all of the template files, folders, data files and various support elements needed to complete the job.

A pretty simple, straight-forward step in the subdivision/roadway development sequence. However, it's always good to know where to find your references, such as base files, Civil 3D working folders, and more.

Create ASE Data Folder

Make a new folder to store ASE data and support files.

Video Demo


About ASE Project Data

ASE creates and references data stored in the project data folder.


Create a Civil 3D Project

Create a Civil 3D Project just as you normally would.

Some of ASE Civil's subsystems require an existing ground surface to function.

Simple follow the usual procedure to establish a location on your system for the project's data-set:

  • Create the project folder structure

  • Add the required support files and enterprise templates

More on 'Project Setup'

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