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About: ASE Data

ASE Alignments

Paving Data/Paving Models

Base Map Control

Sheet Views

Shared/Project Preferences

ASE Databases within Drawings

ASE Data Tables within AutoCAD Objects


About ASE Project Data

ASE creates and references data stored in the project data folder.

ASE Alignments Database

When ASE Civil alignments are defined, their master database is stored in the drawing where the alignments were defined.. However, a copy of ASE's alignments database is also created in the ASE project data folder.


ASE's alignments file (Alignments.txt) should not be edited manually. Each time a change is made to any alignment, the file is overwritten.

Paving Models

When ASE Civil paving design data is shared from a vertical design drawing, individual files are created and updated for each corridor design. This data is read by the profile generator, plan label functions, ASE basin top-slope lines and any other function of ASE Civil that requires finished-grade paving data.

Paving model files should never be manually edited.

Base Map Control Data

After defining Base Map Control data from the designated site layout drawing, the  file that holds all the data is also saved to the ASE Project Data folder.


Most of ASE's subsystems that share  information on a project-wide or enterprise-wide scope, will create preferences or temporary reference files of various names and formats. The developer warns against editing these files directly.

Sheet View Components

In summary, ASE Civil displays finished profile output, by creating a managed array of PaperSpace Viewports and Blocks. The user can then adjust the position, visibility and sizing of the "View" as-needed.

How a Sheet View is Created

When Sheet Views are created for the first time (for a given configuration), the individual elements that make up the final "View" on the paving sheet are drawn from drawing files stored in the ASE install sub-folder "dwg".



Modifications made to the default ASE Sheet View configuration can be saved for reuse and standardization. This creates new Sheet View component drawing files in the ASE Project Data Folder.

Never attempt to open ASE-generated Sheet View component drawing files. You may potentially corrupt your Civil 3D user profile or crash AutoCAD/Civil 3D, lose project data or corrupt the Sheet View component itself.
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