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Drawing Preparation

Create a Site Layout
Check Geometric Integrity

Create Paving Match Lines


Create a Site Layout

ASE Civil needs certain fundamental information to start accelerating the work-flow. These required references include (but are not limited to) the following project elements:

Subdivision Core Requirements
  • Survey Control

  • Existing ground Civil 3D surface

  • Base Map (Site layout)

Recommended Components
  • Match Lines

  • Base Map geometric quality control check, audit

Base Map
Create a site layout drawing, also known as a 'base map'.
There are no naming restrictions on the base map, site layout or whatever your organization prefers to call this type of drawing.
The site layout should contain the final 2-D design geometry for the project, including, but not limited to:
  • Property lines
  • Pavement
  • Center-lines
  • Rights-of-way
  • Easements
  • Drainage features
  • Hard-scape

Check Geometric Integrity

Accuracy and integrity of geometry used in the creation of corridor design information with ASE Civil's design systems, such as centerlines, backs-of-curbs, pavement warps, etc.
In the site layout, check the geometric integrity of the lines & arcs that comprise the critical Base Map Control subsystem elements.
What To Look For:
  • Overlaid, duplicate objects
  • Endpoints disconnected
  • Non-tangent objects

Create Paving Match Lines

Create paving match lines before designing paving features.
Designate the linear span & horizontal design limits for each corridor design based on the project's sheet layout configuration.
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