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Read below for general information about this guide. Gain a better understanding of what kind of content can be found, level of detail, formats, suggested sequences and suggestions for getting the most out of ASE Civil.

Linked Details

Click available hyperlinks to view and explore additional detailed information about a given topic or step as-needed.

Hyperlinked text will normally be underlined.

Hover frequently; watch for linked images.


Detailed information about a topic can vary in format based on availability. URL's provided here may point to any of the following types of media:

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ASE Civil Page Page

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Scope Of Coverage

Using this guide as a primary reference or starting-point to more detailed information, anyone at any level of experience with ASE Civil should be able to setup, develop and produce all of the individual elements that make up a finished set of subdivision paving and grading plans.

How To Use This Guide


Follow This Sequence

Top-level topics (Users Guide Index page) use varying shades of a common color. This is meant to encourage new users to follow a general sequence that will increase their chance of success.

Subdivision Development Pathway

If this sequence is followed, the content will lead the designer/engineer step-by-step through the subdivision paving & grading design and production process, beginning from building the existing surface all the way to finalizing the improvement plans. This entire process can begin here, in this manual.

Additional Details

If more information is available on a given topic, sub-topic or keyword, a URL to additional content will be embedded within the section.

Follow the links as-needed, based on your familiarity with ASE Civil or your target need.

Exceptions Can Be Made... Sometimes

There are several areas of the subdivision work-flow where some tasks can be accomplished simultaneously or outside of the recommended order or not at all. In fact, entire sections can be skipped, if desired.


Keep It Real

Keep in mind that ASE does maintain certain requirements for creating some types of information or output.


For example, if your ultimate goal is plan & profile sheets, you can't skip the section on setting Design markers. However you could skip Pads, Basins, etc.

Be Patient; Consistent

Experience will quickly build understanding of the application's behavior and the fundamental processes involved in design & production with ASE Civil.


Once you "get it", the next step is to imagine how to exploit ASE's strengths to optimize your particular work-flow.

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