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Use-Cases | Profile Generation

Which Alignment is ASE Generating? 


"... When you are in a profile drawing, how can you identify which alignment is being represented? 
We have a project that the street names have changed.  For example:   
An ASE alignment was created, data assigned to it,  and a Profile drawing was generated for Apple St. 
The Profile drawing for Apple St is called "Profile-Apple St.dwg"  
During the course of the project development, several streets were added, moved, or deleted.  Now, the profile drawing for  "Apple St" is renamed "Profile-Orange St.  The ASE alignments names were not changed, only the drawing names were changed.  
The project is now in the final review stage.  When I go into one of the profile drawings, I cannot determine which profile the data represents since the drawing name and alignment name are no longer the same.  I've tried right clicking on components to see their properties, but the alignment is not identified in the profile dwg ..."


This use case scenario explicitly identifies a deficiency in  ASE Civil's reporting capabilities. This will lead to a future enhancement that will make this issue altogether obsolete.



Until ASE Civil adds a permanent solution to this issue, in the interim, you can view the alignment name being referenced in a generated profile drawing by doing the following: 

  1. Open the drawing​

  2. ​​Adjust the system variable "ATTDISP" to "ON"

  3. Regenerate the drawing (AutoCAD REGEN)

  4. Ensure that the AutoCAD "Properties" palette is open (CTRL+1)

  5. Window-select the block that exists at the origin (Pro_def2).​ It's only visible when the invisible attributes are forced on.

  6. Examine the attribute value of "PROF_NAME" in the "Properties" palette . This is the name prefix of the data file being used to generate the profile .

  7. When you're finished, remember to revert the system variable "ATTDISP" to "NORMAL".



Additional Info

We don't recommend doing this, but if you really know what you're doing, you could change the alignment reference manually by modifying the attribute value in the invisible block. Keep in mind that in future versions of ASE Civil, this legacy block will no longer be used and all reference data associated with the profile generation environment will be stored in the internal drawing dictionary, in an Access data base located in the project folder or in a MySQL database stored online in the ASE database server.

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