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PVI Offset Values Don't Fit 


"... When I turn on the option to display the offset values in the Profile Generator PVI labels, the label is too long for one line. Can the labels be stacked instead of on the same line? ..."


This use case scenario sites yet another functional need for which ASE should be enhanced to support.

Eventually, there will be an option available that will allow station values and offset values to appear 'stacked' in the PVI label of the ASE Profile Generator. 
Our developers originally thought this would be an easy enhancement to provide, however there were unforeseen technical challenges that prevented this from being the 'slam-dunk' modification we thought it would be. 



In the interim, there is a YouTube video on the Edi Ase channel which illustrates how leveraging some of the other available Profile Generator formatting options can make the offset values fit very nicely within one line of the PVI label. 
We do realize however, that sometimes enterprise drafting standards or submittal requirements may prevent some or all of these alternative methods from being applied. If that turns out to be the case, please accept our apology for the temporary inconvenience as we make every effort to expand the capabilities of this new feature.




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