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Multiple EG Linework


"... All of the profiles are generating double EG lines.  It is most noticed on streets with cul-de-sacs or knuckles; however, even straight streets with no curves have EG lines that appear to double back on each other.  The alignment feature definition is radial.  The EG line is one continuous polyline, they are not two separate lines.  I toggled the radial feature off, and the Eg lines still appear doubled.  I'm using C3D 2014.  Has anyone else encountered this? ..."


I've seen this happen numerous times.


The problem is a direct result of Base Map Control data that contains too many objects on a control component. ASE is sampling the EG surface over a path that is to lengthy because there are too many objects covering the exact same path on the same control layer.


This can be caused by either of two conditions in the BMC source drawing: 

  1. Overlaid objects in BMC source drawing.

  2. Multiple control systems contain the same layer assignment.

This particular problem was created by cause #2.

As a rule, ! no two BMC control systems should be using the same layer assignment. 

The images below compare the "Invalid" BMC definition settings & the resultant output (reference image shows the legacy "ASE Design Profile" grid) versus the correct settings and the appearance of resulting profile linework.

Invalid BMC Definition Values

Note the use of a single layer assignment for both "Edge-of-Pavement" & "Curb Design Control" systems: 



Results of making a single assignment change to the Bap Map Control definition parameters.

Acceptable BMC Definition Values

Note the use of different layer assignments for the "Edge-of-Pavement" and for the "Curb Design Control" systems: 

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