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Incorrect Elevations, Distorted Curb-lines


"... Have you ever seen this? (look at the top of curb line). This has happened on 2 roads so far…  ..."


"... ALSO, the elevations on the curb returns don’t match the markers in the design drawing...."




After discussing the problems above with the designer over the telephone while viewing their screen via webcast, it was discovered that the source of the issue was created by defining paving features on the wrong component. For example, the "Variable-Height" curb features on the north side of the road (see plan-view) were supposed to be assigned to the "L1" component, however they were assigned to the "R1" component accidentally, creating  not only the distortion in the curb-line, but incorrect elevation in the generated profile as well. 



The issues were both resolved after all of the incorrect paving feature definitions were undefined then re-defined on the correct component.  The current version of ASE Civil does not check for offset values when defining paving features, partially due to the fact that when designing through transition regions, such as cul-de-sacs and knuckles, offset paving features can sometimes exist on the opposite side of the alignment, depending on their location in the transition and the alignment protocol being used.  Future versions of ASE Civil will perform complete audits of paving feature definition selections before they are defined to the database. 

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