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Profile Grade Label Filtering 


"... I have some traffic calming devices that I’ve defined for my profile.  I have to define each pc as a grade break.  In the profile there is a slope called out between each pc and so I have a bunch stacked on top of one another and they are all the same grade.  I can erase but every time I regen they come back.  Is there a way to erase them permanently?  ..."


Try using the grade filtering option. It's located in: 


Ribbon Tab: [Profile Generator] 

Panel: "Preferences" 

Button: "Grades" 


The grade preferences dialog's filtering option prevents the creation of labels that fall within the specified filter distance. This YouTube video on the "Ase Edi" YouTube Channel illustrates exactly how this preference works. 


Changing this value might do what you want, but you may have undesired results elsewhere in the profile where you may not want it to filter labels.

Enhanced controls in this area will be provided in the future.

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