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Alignment is Not Listed


"... When I try to regenerate a profile, it was asking me for the alignment but the alignment that I want is not on the list.  When I go back to my ASE base map and list all available alignments, the alignment is there and I have all the points I needed attached to that alignment ..."


There are several potential problems that could cause this to happen: 

  1. The design data for the road that you want to generate a profile for has not been exported from the vertical design drawing yet 

  2. The profile generator drawing is referencing a different ASE data path than the one where the data was exported to 

  3. The road design data was exported after the profile generator drawing was opened and ASE was already initialized.



Take one of the following steps to resolve the problem: 

  1. Check data path for the generated profile drawing. Make sure that it is the same as the data path of the vertical design drawing 

  2. Physically browse to the ASE data folder and make sure that the design data for that road exists in the ASE data folder. Check for a file with the following format: 


"<alignment name>-PavingModel.txt"


Save and close the profile generator drawing and re-open it and initialize ASE again. Then try to generate the profile. 

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