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Crash on Initialization While Updating Pads



ASE crashes during the initialization process. More specifically, this is happening while the pads are being updated. I get the following message at the command prompt after just one alignment's pads attempt to update: 




   (C)2014 Engineering Design Innovations 


ASE: Dictionary initialized. 

Regenerating layout. 

Regenerating model. 

ASE: [ADMINSTRATOR] access enabled. 


ASE Civil road alignment definitions may only be modified from: 

   " \09002605-Church Farm\dwg\ASE-M\09002605ASE Alignment - M.dwg " 

ASE: [60] ASE road alignments loaded. 

ASE: [ASE] alignments active. 

ASE: [5] Cul-de-sacs / [31] Knuckles identified. 

ASE: [Intersecting] alignment protocol active. 

ASE: [Disabled] legacy paving data support. 

ASE: Loading pad data... 

ASE: Auditing design layers... 

ASE: Auditing Flow Labels... 

ASE: Auditing Connections...No Connections found. 

ASE: Auditing Links... 

Auditing pads with ASE data. Please wait... 


Updating '<alignment name>' pads.; error: AutoCAD variable setting rejected: "clayer" "_ASE-Design-Pads-Ties" 



This particular error occurs because the  "Pad Ties" layer has been frozen.



To resolve this issue simply thaw the layer "_ASE-Design-Pads-Ties". Barring any additional problems, ASE should initialize successfully. 

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