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The 'Master Command List" table below list all available ASE Civil user commands. It is a centralized reference that serves both development and end-users. Development changes affecting published commands (new, retired, etc.) will always be reflected in this table as part of the documentation workflow.

Table Headings


Classification of a related group of functions within the scope of ASE Civil.


An AutoCAD CUIX ribbon tab selector.


Named group of related command buttons enclosed within a rectangular container and visible on the expanded ribbon.


The ASE command as-labeled on the command button of the ribbon or within the pop-menu command list.


Usually the same as 'DISPLAY NAME'. This is a mnemonic given to the user-command for legibility. This will be displayed in the absence of an assigned 'DISPLAY NAME'.


This is the value typed at the AutoCAD command line prompt to invoke the ASE command manually.


Provides basic and/or critical information about a given command.

Copying and pasting an ASE user command into the AutoCAD command line prompt may not always prove successful. When using ASE commands manually, always keep in mind that drawing requirements play a role in most commands.


Use With Care

If the drawing environment does not support the command's requirements, ASE will either display an error dialog, command line message or an alert dialog. During scripting, calling an ASE command out-of-context could potentially interrupt or crash the process.


Legacy Macros

Non-Functional Commands

Some command macros will not work at all. This may happen due to one of the following conditions:

  1. The command is no longer defined in your version of ASE Civil

  2. Drawing environment cannot be configured to support command usage

Legacy Commands

These types of commands are not indicated in the master listing. The absence of an identifier makes it difficult to know which commands should not be used, be careful and understand the command's requirements and output/results before attempting to use it in a production environment.


Development ⮀ Sync



Addition or deletion of user commands to ASE Civil will always be reflected here.


Missing Field Data

Any missing information will be provided either on-demand or when resources are available.


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