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Corridor Models

Preferences (Site Defaults)


Establish default values for all alignments to use upon initial creation using the dialog below. Local road configurations are specified separately from divided road parameters.


General Settings Tab

This page exposes controls that affect the overall corridor model creation for all alignments, such as section thickness, surface output position (Top or Subgrade) and sampling resolution, in addition to a variety of other settings that affect performance.


A brief description is also provided in a dedicated window located in the lower-right-hand-corner of the dialog. Hover over a setting for information about that setting.

Assembly Schematic

Shows an approximation of the section of the current corridor configuration relative to the top or datum surface.

Curb Control

Sets the reference point for the assembly at the Base Map Control system of choice. Options include the following:

  • Back-of-Curb

  • Top-Face-of-Curb

  • Flow line

  • Edge-of-Pavement

Export Reaction Protocol

Determines what processing will/will not occur after closing the dialog.

  • Generate/Update Rds.

  • Delete Expired Models

Output Surface

Controls which surface of the corridor assembly is output to the drawing editor:

  • Top

  • Datum

Pavement Thickness (Feet)

Provides a control to specify the thickness of the pavement section from top surface to sub-grade. Separate values are stored for corridors based on their classification:

  • Local Roads

  • Divided Roads

Refresh Depth

Determines how much information will be refreshed when the assemblies are regenerated in the drawing editor. Separate values are stored to control either:

  • Rebuild Horizontal Control

  • Rebuild All Corridor Models on Close

Surface Resolution

Allows the user to control the resolution of the output corridor model geometry

  • Lines: Typical Sample Distance

  • Lines: Minimum Number of Samples

  • Curves: Typical Sample Distance

  • Curves: Minimum Number of Samples

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Output Surface: Changing from 'TOP' to 'DATUM' (video)

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