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How It Works

After the vertical design has been established, Autodesk Civil 3D surfaces can be instantly built from all of ASE Civil's design output, including:

  • Pads

  • Corridor Models

  • Basins

  • Constraints

  • Connections

  • Design Markers

Simply click one button on the Surface Mgt toolbar and the available 3-D objects are automatically selected and added to a finished surface. No explicit object selection is required. Civil 3D gradings may also be included by specifying their layer within the Surface Mgt dialog.

Top & Datum Surface Management

ASE will create the surface names for you, based on the current state of the Corridor Site Preferences. Output subgrade Corridor models and the datum surface is created or updated; vice-versa for the top surface. Surface naming styles are easily customizable.

Volume Reporting

After building the respective finished surface, clicking one more button in the Surface Mgt toolbar initiates Civil 3D volume surface building. The resulting cut, fill and net haul are reported in the toolbar. It really is that easy.

About: ASE Surface Mgt.

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