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PVI Prefixes Disappear After Manual Editing


"... I am having issues with my profiles where they are dropping the P= or TC= when you edit the pvi labels? Have you run into this? How can I fix this? ..."


The situation described is an anomaly that is unavoidable in the current version. However, it can be very easily avoided by understanding exactly what’s causing the labels to disappear.

Even though you can edit multiple-selected PVI's simultaneously with the ”PVI Edit” command, use caution to avoid potential loss of information due to logical selection incompatibilities:

Using Different Prefixes In a Selection of Multiple Labels 
If the selected PVI labels do not share common prefixes, ASE will not know which prefix to use for all the selected labels. The feature works this way because in some situations, the ability to apply a common prefix to an entire group of PVI labels, is very advantageous because it saves considerable time over singular label editing.

How ASE Handles Mixed Prefixes

To generate the finished label after editing a group of PVI labels, ASE looks for common prefixes to apply. If nothing has been specified during editing, but there is no common prefix among the selected PVI labels, ASE just draws a blank... Literally.



To avoid losing PVI prefixes, when selecting PVI labels for manual editing, follow these guidelines:

  1. Select labels that are of the same feature type

  2. Select labels that use common elevation prefixes

  3. Avoid selecting labels from different profile components (L1, CL, etc.)

  4. When in doubt, select/edit labels one-at-a-time, unless all prefixes match

  5. In the dialog, Select labels with the same combination of TC=/FL=/P elevation labels displayed

  6. In the dialog, type a prefix to change the respective prefixes of all selected PVI's


When editing, if there is a variation in values for a given element of the selected PVI labels, the prefixes will not show up in the dialog. That is a warning that the prefixes currently used in each label will be lost after accepting the changes of the edit.

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