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Can't Initialize ASE


"... When the design drawing cannot be initialized due to an error in one of the systems that are audited during initialization, the user cannot continue working with the program. This is because ASE is almost completely unusable  if initialization cannot be completed without crashing. ..."


The operating system has restricted write access to the C-drive from any location that has not been determined to be 'safe'.



If this occurs, use the "Bypass" feature to disable selected systems from being audited during startup. This will allow you to correct whatever may be causing the failure. This will give you an opportunity to correct the problem or work around it. Then you can try the initialization process again.

Method 1

The user can enter "( setq DrawingCheckedForMarkers T )" at the command prompt to bypass initialization entirely.

Method 2

The user can enter "( setq PadAuditSuppressed T )" at the command prompt, then try initialization again. This will bypass pad auditing, since it's the single-most likely system to cause initialization failures. 


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