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2017 Changes


Important Changes in 2017


Folder Changes

"C:\Users\Public" is the new location for the "AseCivil" support folder. This was previously located under "...\Public\Public Documents\".

Supersedes All Previous Builds

Each new build includes all enhancements and changes from the previous applications and service packs. However it also includes additional enhancements, new functionality and repairs that were not included in previous builds. For these reasons, any previous builds become obsolete, unavailable and unsupported when the new build is published on the website.

Backwards Compatibility

This build establishes the first major change in the design marker since 2003. The changes affect vertical design drawings containing ase design markers that have been used for paving design or vertical design control (linking, etc.).

Data Storage Change

With the release of the 2017 version of ASE Civil, all design data storage is now translated to a new format during initialization and the attributes are removed from the design markers. Previous versions of ase will not know how to read the new database format, nor where to find it. For this reason, once a vertical design drawing has been converted to the new ase database format, it can only be managed using this build or later.

All related functionality benefits from this change to the design markers in a significant way. However, none of the other drawing files or interconnected ASE features will be adversely-affected by this change. However, please note the new limitations placed on ASE data accessibility from this build moving forward and exactly how this affects interaction with ASE-generated project data.

Custom Add-Ons

The new database format will affect how custom applications access design marker data. An ASE data access interface reference will be provided on request.

2017 Build History

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