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Controlling Component Spacing


"... A while ago you we were talking about the stacked view vs the overlay and I believe you told me I could set the distance from the center to the left and another distance to the right in the stacked view. Can you let me know where those buttons are and how to set them[? ]I can't seem to find it…!? ..."


This is a limitation of the Profile Generator. However there is an alternate approach that should also satisfy your need.


There is no setting that lets you adjust the distance between profile components specifically, but you can accomplish something similar by adjusting the clearance above and below the profile region.



Start by selecting the "Frame" command in the Profile Generator "Preferences" panel of the ASE ribbon.

In the "Frame Preferences" dialog, in the "Region Properties" section, click the appropriate comboBox next to the "Overhead Clearance:" or "Subgrade Clearance:" labels and select a value. This will increase or decrease the space between each of the profile components and the top or bottom limits of their respective profile regions.



Notice the difference (images below) between the profile components' spacing when the values mentioned above are set to 15 versus a setting of 5: 



You can also effect a change between the profile components by adjusting the datum elevation in the same dialog and then subsequently locking it down.  

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