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Design Data Corruption


Some ASE corridor model output is jagged, reversed and/or mirrored at the curb control line. The corrupt areas cannot be repaired by modifying the vertical design nor by making adjustments to the Base Map Control data. No duplicate objects can be found in the BMC source objects and all vertexes are coincident at the connection points.

The profiles generated by ASE are also affected on both the existing and finished linework in the same


After days of investigating the client's project dataset & methods then comparing the output issues to similar ones reported by different clients, I finally saw a common thread between this project and in other cases reporting this anomaly: Large coordinate systems.



The corruption can be removed only by translating the project and data references to a new location such that the lower-left corner of the site bounding box is set at or near AutoCAD's WCS 10000,10000.


Solution (In-Progress)

A permanent solution to this issue is currently being developed. When completed and fully tested, the new logic will manage coordinate transformations between high-precision design values and their state plane format required for project submission.

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