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"... I'm back and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I'm working in ASE and am getting this after doing several commands.  For example I was defining links for a grading design, then I would get an error message.  I tried to save but am unable.


Specify grade path [Linear/Curved]<L>:

Enter percent grade from 'PARENT' to 'CHILD'<-2.1229%>: .5

; error: bad argument type: numberp: nil


_QSAVE ; error: non-serializable lisp data: #<%catch-all-apply-error%>

I  am unable to save the drawing.  I tried saving using saveas and tried saving to another drive.  Can you please tell me if this is an autocad, windows, or ASE issue?  I can get out of autocad, reboot the computer and the same issue returns. I am using C3D 2014 with the latest ASE 2017, and Windows 7 Pro…"


This is caused by a known defect in ASE.

The AutoCAD Message and error condition at the command line occur whenever Flow Labels have been passively generated as a result of the vertical design "Productivity" setting being enabled. This feature creates Flow Labels automatically when Constraints or Connections are created. This problem occurs in the 2017 version of ASE.


  1. Open the vertical design drawing

  2. (Ribbon) Select: [vrtCtrl] -> Flow Labels -> Preferences

  3. In the FLow Labels Preferences dialog, DISABLE "Productivity"

  4. Run ASE "Selective Audit..."

  5. Close the dialog

  6. Save the drawing

  7. Re-start Civil 3D

Unable to SAVE design drawing

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